Virtual “Swimming with Dolphins” Mondays! – Monkey Mia

Welcome to Virtual “Swimming with Dolphins”! On a regular basis, I will add a video or pictures of people around the world swimming with, encountering, and watching wild dolphins. For dolphin lovers, this is the perfect way to fight the workday blues.

The daily feeding of bottlenose Dolphins.

Monkey Mia (Image via Wikipedia)

I had no choice but to start with Monkey Mia, Australia because this is just about the most incredible dolphin watching spot in the world. Every day wild dolphins visit the shoreline of Monkey Mia to be hand-fed a small portion of their day’s diet. Visitors to Monkey Mia can feed the dolphins while standing in ankle-deep water! Seriously — are you as jealous as I am?


Now, the public is not supposed to feed wild dolphins because it endangers the dolphins’ lives in many ways. It is also illegal in many countries, including the United States. Really, you can’t just go out and feed the wild dolphins you encounter. The Department of Environment and Conservation staff at Monkey Mia ensure the dolphins are not overfed or harassed.

There are 15 bottlenose dolphins that visit Dolphin Beach in Monkey Mia on a regular basis. They are only fed on their first three visits of the day, and most of these visits occur in the morning. They have been coming here for more than 40 years! Researchers from all over the world visit to study these amazing dolphins and this unique behavior.

It all started in the 1960s when a group of local fishermen began sharing some of their day’s catch with the Monkey Mia bottlenose dolphins. As you may know, dolphins are very smart. The adult dolphins apparently taught their calves about this free handout opportunity. There have now been three generations of dolphins visiting the beach for breakfast. Gotta love the Aussies!


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