Wild Dolphins “Jonesing” for People Food!

So, I had no idea how many people think it is okay to feed wild dolphins. Apparently this is a very common practice. While watching some YouTube videos of people who had encountered wild dolphins, I was amazed at how many of them fed the dolphins using food straight out of their coolers! To add insult to injury, in one of the videos a young girl was encouraged to jump in the water. She then proceeded to sit on the back of the dolphin while her family cheered her on!

If these same people came across a bear in the woods, would they send their toddler over to play with it? Would they feed it chips? Crazy.

Dolphins who are fed begin to lose their natural fear of humans. They get too close to boats and are harmed by propellers. We also know that some female dolphins dependent on humans for food, abandon their young and leave them to fend for themselves. Some dolphins have also been known to literally bite the hand that tries to feed them. Check this out — she’s so cute but why did she try to pet him again! People, we need to use some common sense here.


Perhaps I have a quirky and offbeat sense of humor, but I found the following public service announcement really funny. It was made by NOAA and a coalition of government agencies and private organizations trying to get the message out about not feeding dolphins. I hope you enjoy it too.


For more info go to DontFeedWildDolphins.org

So, there we have it. Several great reasons why it might not be a good idea to feed (or pet!)wild dolphins.


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3 Responses to Wild Dolphins “Jonesing” for People Food!

  1. “AHH! He bit me!” And then she tries to pet him again. People can be amazing, and not always in a good way.Even if a chihuahua bites you, you don’t just reach right back in and expect a different result. This is a wild animal, have some respect and common sense “Laura”

    Thanks for posting this, it is educational and helpful

  2. Dolphin Lover says:

    Yeah, dolphins don’t like being touched near their blowhole or their eyes. I would not recommend touching wild dolphins at all but for them to have their heads petted is on par with you having a hand placed across your mouth, eyes & nose.

    Be respectful and informed, they are adorable, playful, curious . . they are not puppy dogs.

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