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10 Remarkable Bottlenose Dolphins Facts You Didn’t Know

Think you know everything about bottlenose dolphins? Here are some fun and interesting facts that might surprise you. 1. Bottlenose dolphins would do well in kindergarten.They are good at waiting, being patient, and taking turns. Oftentimes they will work together … Continue reading

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Dolphins And Their Babies Still Being Affected By The Gulf Oil Spill

If you are a wild dolphin lover and have been wondering how the Gulf Coast dolphins are doing, you will saddened by the latest news. It appears dolphins and other coastal animals are not doing well a year and a … Continue reading

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How to See the Pink Dolphins in Hong Kong

Pink dolphins (unlike unicorns) really do exist, and you can see them fairly easily in Hong Kong. When you think of visiting this major city in China, you probably don’t immediately think of dolphin watching. In actuality, there are about … Continue reading

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Dolphin Tours – 10 Things to Know Before you Go

Thinking about booking a dolphin tour? Here’s some advice on how to choose the best one and have a great dolphin watching experience. 1. Choose a smaller dolphin boat with fewer people. 2. Opt for boats that seat you close … Continue reading

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Can You Swim with Humpback Whales? Yes, You Can!

Ever thought about swimming with whales? Well, amazingly enough you can do this in certain parts of the world. Whether this is a good idea or not is another question. Look at how small this woman is compared to the … Continue reading

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Three Dolphin Videos You Really Should See

If you care about dolphins and dolphin conservation, there are three important videos that I highly recommend you watch. They are: The Cove This is the controversial documentary about the annual dolphin hunt that takes place in a secluded cove … Continue reading

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Pink Dolphins, Oh My!

These are the most incredible pictures, videos, and facts I have ever seen of the elusive pink dolphins (from the Amazon River). First, this photographer was able to go deep into the Amazon River in Brazil to get these candid shots. Very … Continue reading

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