Virtual “Swimming with Dolphins” Mondays – Florida’s Sanibel Thriller

Welcome to the latest episode of Virtual “Swimming with Dolphins” Mondays. Apparently I spend quite a bit of time goofing off and watching wild dolphin videos. Today we are headed to Sanibel Island, Florida to watch some gold medal-worthy dolphin gymnasts.

The dolphins in this video are playing in the Sanibel Thriller’s boat wake. They look like they are having so much fun! The Sanibel Thriller is a unique high-speed Florida dolphin tours boat that creates a huge (and inviting) wake while cruising. Dolphins are attracted to the wake, as you can see!

What can I say — this video just makes me smile. I’ve had dolphins play in the wake of my boat numerous times over the years. Never have I been able to entice them to perform these kinds of acrobatics! Maybe I need a faster boat! 🙂


If you think you might want to take one of these dolphin tours, the Sanibel Thriller leaves from the Sanibel Marina (Sanibel Island) on the west coast of Florida. It cruises the Gulf of Mexico and the Pine Island Sound. The boat is a 55′ supercatamaran and it holds more than 40 people. The best seats are in the back as you can see from the video. It costs about $40 for adults and I would say it is money well spent.  Dolphins are frequent visitors to the Sound and the surrounding area. Researchers estimate there are 700 dolphins that call this area home. Although there are many area dolphin tours and tour boat operators that will take you out to see wild dolphins, none that I know of will give you a show like this one.

For more information, pictures and videos, check out the Sanibel Thriller website:

The Monkey Mia episode of Virtual “Swimming with Dolphins” Mondays


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