Pink Dolphins, Oh My!

These are the most incredible pictures, videos, and facts I have ever seen of the elusive pink dolphins (from the Amazon River).

First, this photographer was able to go deep into the Amazon River in Brazil to get these candid shots. Very little is known about these dolphins, and in fact scientists don’t even know how many are left in the worldCheck out this link to his gorgeous dolphin pictures!

Boto, Amazon River Dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) ...

Amazon River Dolphin (Wikipedia)

You probably know that the Chinese Yangtze River Dolphin was declared extinct in 2007 primarily due to pollution in the river. The cute guy (or girl) posing for these close-ups is most likely endangered as well.

Now, who better than National Geographic to give us amazing video of the river dolphins. Their video highlights pink dolphin facts and threats to their survival. The footage is mesmerizing.

For example, did you know that pink dolphins can actually be pink, light blue, or even albino (white). They have tiny eyes and cannot see very well. To compensate they use their highly evolved echolocation to make their way through the river. Pink dolphins’ habitats are threatened by pollution and they are one of the least understood of all dolphins. They look downright prehistoric to me.

My dolphin watching bucket list just got a little bit longer! 🙂

If you want to see these dolphins in the wild, you need to be quite adventurous. Here is a map of where the Amazon River Dolphins are located.

Amazon river dolphin

Amazon River Dolphins Range Map (Wikipedia)

Learn about other types of dolphins you can see in the wild.


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One Response to Pink Dolphins, Oh My!

  1. Deb Anthony says:

    It is sad that the water is so polluted…they look so cute and it is amazing that the people of the Amazon knew they were magical all along! Not sure I would be brave enough to travel there but sure do enjoy that someone did and you found it!

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