Three Dolphin Videos You Really Should See

If you care about dolphins and dolphin conservation, there are three important videos that I highly recommend you watch. They are:

The Cove

This is the controversial documentary about the annual dolphin hunt that takes place in a secluded cove in Taiji, Japan. This is a highly disturbing video. Dolphins from this hunt are used for food and are also sold into captive dolphin programs. You can watch The Cove trailer online.

Watch The Cove movie trailer

a show of Bottlenose Dolphins in Echizen Matsu...

Bottlenose dolphin show (Wikipedia)

A Fall From Freedom

Another graphic film whose main goal is to expose the captive dolphin industry. Disturbing, but important to watch. It would be interesting to hear what the captive dolphin industry has to say in response.

A Fall From Freedom in its entirety

Captive dolphins

Captive dolphins (Wikipedia)

IMAX Dolphins Movie

On a lighter note, watch (or re-watch) the IMAX Dolphins movie. If you have not seen this dolphin movie, run out and get a copy. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the world these creatures live in. The music is by Sting, so what could be better than that! This film has been out for quite a while but you can still get it at Amazon, Netflix, and dozens of other places.

Watch the IMAX Dolphins trailer here.


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I've been vacationing with wild dolphins for more than 20 years. You can do it too!
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2 Responses to Three Dolphin Videos You Really Should See

  1. Mo Brock says:

    Yea! I clearly don’t go out often enough to other blogs. Thank you for this. I’m sharing this with a newbie to the dolphin awareness movement!

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