Dolphins Behaving Badly – Caught on Tape

Do dolphins bite or attack humans? They can and do bite but I think attack might be too strong a word for their behavior toward people. Here are some videos of dolphins behaving in a way that reminds us they are, indeed, wild animals. Don’t let that smile fool you!

In this first video, it really does look like the dolphin is trying to attack the people on the beach. The screaming is hysterical. I cannot imagine what the little torpedo was trying to do. Herding fish or strand feeding, perhaps?

This video shows a dolphin with romance on his mind. He really likes this woman. Really, really likes this woman. Her nervous laughter makes it even funnier!

In the next video, a captive dolphin rams a child while in a dolphin encounter program. Definitely not funny. They have been known to kill sharks and porpoises by ramming them. Was he\she just playing roughly, or was this outright aggression? Just playing or not, those captive dolphin programs may not be as safe as most people would like to believe. I imagine the dolphins are under a lot of stress in those conditions.

Finally, this dolphin clearly came over to the boat for a handout. I am guessing he has been fed from boats in the past, but who knows for sure. Yes, dolphins do bite! In my opinion, he thought the tapping hand was food. Just another example of why we should not feed wild dolphins!


Dolphins don’t always behave badly, although they are known to have a wicked sense of humor! There are countless stories of dolphins helping humans, other marine mammals, and their own kind. Maybe that should be the topic of another post!


About wherethedolphinsswim

I've been vacationing with wild dolphins for more than 20 years. You can do it too!
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