Tom and Misha – Turkish Captive Dolphins Set Free!

Tom and Misha are two male bottlenose dolphins who had been living in a very small and dirty hotel pool in Turkey. They had been captured from the wild about 6-7 years ago and neglected since then. The Born Free Foundation (and other members of the “Back to the Blue” project) rescued these two dolphins, and over the course of about 20 months re-taught them survival skills. This training (e.g., how to hunt live fish) was in preparation for their eventual release back into the wild. This release day finally happened!

As of a couple of days ago, the two dolphins (who are being tracked by satellite) seem to be doing just fine. Trainers seem to think they are travelling back to the area where they were captured. At last report, they have travelled more than 100 miles.

You can learn more about Tom and Misha’s story and follow their progress at the Born Free Foundation’s website.  I wish them the best of luck! I have to admit I am nervous about their chances of survival, but I am thrilled they are being given the chance. If this rehabilitation is successful perhaps other captive dolphins around the world can be set free. Here is a video of their release back into the wild and their first taste of freedom.


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