Tom and Misha – Update!

In May of this year, I told you about the two captive Turkish dolphins (Tom and Misha) that had been rehabilitated and set free in the wild. As of July 16, 2012, it appears the two male dolphins are doing just fine! Interestingly enough, Tom and Misha did not remain together for very long. After a few days together, they each went their separate ways.

Tom is spending his time in Kusadasi, which is the area from which he is believed to have been captured. The other dolphin, Misha, is hanging around the area of Antalya and seems to be doing well.

This story has incredible ramifications for other dolphins currently being held in captivity. For those dolphins captured from the wild, it seems it may be possible to re-teach them the skills they need to survive and eventually release them back to the open sea. I wonder if we will soon be hearing more stories of successful dolphin releases.

For pictures and to follow the dolphins’ progress, please visit the Born Free website.


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  1. Deb Anthony says:

    I love this stuff…great story

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