One of the Last Photographs of Beggar (Mooch) the Dolphin

One of our wonderful blog readers, Monica Stecher, had the honor of visiting with Beggar the dolphin on September 14, 2012. As noted in yesterday’s blog post, Beggar’s body was found  this past Friday. Monica is most likely one of the last people to spend time with him before he died. She was able to take a beautiful up-close photograph of him while boating in Nokomis, FL. Monica kindly allowed me to post his picture and her story.  So many people were saddened to hear about Beggar’s death. I hope this picture brings some joy! Thank you, Monica.

One of the last photographs of Beggar (taken on 9/14/12 by Monica Stecher)

Once or twice a year, we visit our best friend in Nokomis who lives just a
few blocks away from the bridge they found the deceased Beggar the dolphin.
On Friday September 14th we launched the boat from the canal at Casey Key
near Nokomis Beach and spent the day out in the Gulf and swimming at Turtle
Beach.  On our return back through the bay we were heading for dinner
somewhere on the water when Beggar made his appearance and let me snap this
picture.  We returned the next day for a repeat of a great day out on the
water but did not see Beggar at the usual spot.  I knocked on the side of
the boat, but he never showed.  On Sunday the 16th, we weren’t able to do
any boating because of the torrential rain.  I have to wonder if all that
fresh water flooding the bay had something to do with the health of an
already sick dolphin.  But I don’t know, I’m no biologist, just a tourist,
that will always treasure the greetings of the likes of a zany dolphin named

Monica Stecher
Murphy, NC


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3 Responses to One of the Last Photographs of Beggar (Mooch) the Dolphin

  1. one things for sure, life will be a little duller without him

  2. Monica Stecher says:

    Awesome memorial, thanks, sorry I didn’t get back here earlier.

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