Dolphins “Beached” on Cement When Tanks Cleaned

The Festa Dolphinarium in Varna, Bulgaria

Dolphinarium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever wonder what happens to captive dolphins when their tanks need cleaning? I admit, I haven’t thought too much about it. If I had, I would assume they were transferred to a holding tank while the cleaning was done.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. What does happen in many captive dolphin tanks throughout the world (including the U.S.) is the water is drained out while the dolphins are still in the tanks! The poor souls are essentially “beached” on the concrete pool bottoms. They can’t move at all. From the photographs, it appears they are surrounded by the chemicals used to clean the pools. Absolutely barbaric! Is this treatment of such intelligent and fascinating creatures acceptable?

Take a look at the original blog post which shows photos of the cleaning:

You can also view this video of another cleaning in Japan:


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4 Responses to Dolphins “Beached” on Cement When Tanks Cleaned

  1. rosedixon says:

    The treatment of dolphins is appalling. A lot of people think that they were born into captivity. They were not. They were cruelly hunted and taken from their beloved ocean. This practice of how they clean the tanks prove that they have no compassion or regard for their animals at all

  2. Deb Anthony says:

    It is so horrible. I do not understand what allows us to do things like this. I wonder what can be done to stop these practices. If you find any petitions or such that I can endorse please post. Thanks for sharing and raising awareness. So very sad!

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