Injured Dolphin Asks Divers for Help in Hawaii

This is truly one of the most beautiful and moving stories I have heard or seen in a long time. A few days ago, an injured dolphin approached divers in what appeared to be a plea for help. The incident took place during a manta ray dive in Kona, Hawaii. The poor dolphin’s flipper was wrapped in fishing line and appeared to have a hook stuck as well.

When you watch this video, you will see there is no doubt the dolphin was asking for help. One of the divers immediately noticed the fishing line and began cutting away at it. What is really amazing is how patiently and trustingly the dolphin waits for the diver to cut the line. He/she actually maneuvers around so the diver can access the injured flipper! At one point, the dolphin surfaces for air but then immediately returns to find the helpful diver.

This is how our relationship with dolphins should be — one built on mutual trust and respect. I know I have been on a video kick lately and this video is a bit long, but trust me that it is worth viewing! You can’t help but be moved by the beauty of this encounter.

If you are short on time, start at about 3:30 in the video. Enjoy!

This encounter was filmed on a dive with Ocean Wings Hawaii.

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14 Responses to Injured Dolphin Asks Divers for Help in Hawaii

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    A human angel

  2. Robyn says:

    This is such a great video! I remember when I was in Florida last year I got to see dolphins from my balcony, it was so cool! Dolphins are so beautiful, and this shows how smart they are. Everybody needs a helping hand from time to time, whether they’re an animal or a person, so I’m glad this guy helped this dolphin 🙂

  3. Oh my, thank you so much for posting this. It is simply wonderful (not that the dolphin was in the predicament in the first place but that it came looking for help). God bless this wonderful planet.

  4. amazing – what a great way to start my day – thank you

  5. Wow! How remarkable. It’s incredible the faith and trust this dolphin so freely demonstrates in his rescuer. … You’re all to be congratulated for your good work here … Thanks so much for sharing … Dorothy 🙂

    • What was so striking to me was how the dolphin completely trusted the divers. How on earth did he/she know they could help? I think dolphins are much more intelligent than we realize…Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Linda says:

    Just amazing and moving….true understanding without explicit communication, I love viewing dolphin in the wild, and although I once went to Discovery Cove to swim with them, that experience pales in comparison to the time I saw a wild dolphin leaping and spinning in the air for joy, showing off to fishermen in a nearby boat. I’ll never forget it.

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