The Versatile Blogger Award for Where the Dolphins Swim!

Well, how fun is this! Today I woke to a note from a fellow blogger telling me I had been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. What a nice thing to do!

In order to accept the award, there are certain guidelines to follow. They include thanking the person who nominated you, telling a bit about yourself, and listing other blogs you admire and enjoy — so here goes!

Thank you to Musings of a Horse Mom at for nominating me for this award! Musings of a Horse Mom is a wonderful blog about horses and the people who love them.

7 Things About Me

1. I plan every single vacation around nature and wildlife watching.

2. I cannot imagine living far from the ocean.

3. I do not enjoy winter.

4. I provide management consulting to non profits, with a focus on at-risk youth and people with developmental disabilities.

5. I collect Arts and Crafts pottery.

6. I balance my checkbook to the penny.

7. I wake up really early.

Blogs I Like

In no particular order, here are some blogs I enjoy and admire. Some of these blogs have received numerous awards already! – This guy is super intelligent, hysterically funny, and incredibly knowledgeable about living life to the fullest. – A quite witty blog about life. Love her writing style. – A wildlife kayak photography blog by a very talented photographer. The blog header is simply amazing! – The work conducted by the 10,000 Islands Dolphin Project team in Southwest Florida. – An author and nature photographer with gorgeous photos. I especially love the ones of deer. – Gorgeous nature photography. The Florida pictures are great. – A refreshingly honest and introspective blog. – A wonderful outdoor adventures blog for women. – The NE Aquarium’s Marine Rescue Animal Team’s updates. – This guy pulls no punches when it comes to advocating for marine mammals. – The work of the National Marine Life Center in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. – A great site to learn about the plight of marine mammals around the world.

Thanks again to Musings of a Horse Mom!

Jo Anne


About wherethedolphinsswim

I've been vacationing with wild dolphins for more than 20 years. You can do it too!
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