Where do the dolphins swim?

Dolphins swimming off our boat

Dolphins swimming off our boat

“Get off the bow! You’re going to kill yourself!!!”

That would be my husband yelling at me as I hung precariously off the front of the pontoon boat, clutching the dock rope and staring into the water. Okay, I admit it. This was not my smartest move, but riding alongside our boat were three wild bottlenose dolphins! And they were looking right at me! I quickly (but reluctantly) composed myself and got off the bow — there were two children on board and I was not exactly behaving as a poster child for safe boating.

This type of wild dolphin encounter has become the norm during our vacations. I no longer hang off the front of boats (well, not too often), but I do see wild dolphins repeatedly during every one of my vacations.

Dolphin looking right at us!

If you’ve ever wanted to see wild dolphins, you are in luck. Dolphins live in every ocean (and some rivers too!) on the planet. You really can see dolphins all over the world. You don’t even need a boat. In addition to having dolphins tag along with us on our boats, we have also encountered them while simply walking the beach, swimming in the ocean, having cocktails in bars, sitting on our hotel balcony, and driving over bridges.

Over the years I have researched and visited some of the greatest places to view dolphins in the wild. Many people believe that the only way to see dolphins is through captive dolphin programs like Sea World. Nothing could be further from the truth. My hope is to convince you that viewing dolphins in the wild is a fairly easy task — that is, if you know where to look. Take a look around at some of my favorite dolphin watching places.


6 Responses to Where do the dolphins swim?

  1. Deb Anthony says:

    Wonderful indeed. This is exciting to read. I know my heart jumps at the site of these wonderful creatures.

  2. Deb Anthony says:

    will follow

  3. I look forward to learning where I too may come across dolphins with some regularity

  4. Great post! I hope more people get out and see these beautiful creatures in the wild and not just in a park.

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