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Dolphins “Beached” on Cement When Tanks Cleaned

Ever wonder what happens to captive dolphins when their tanks need cleaning? I admit, I haven’t thought too much about it. If I had, I would assume they were transferred to a holding tank while the cleaning was done. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Beggar the Dolphin Found Dead in Florida

One of Florida’s most iconic and beloved wild dolphins was found dead this past Friday. Beggar (or Mooch as some people called him) was a bottlenose dolphin who lived in the Nokomis area of Florida. Beggar hung around under the … Continue reading

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Tom and Misha – Turkish Captive Dolphins Set Free!

Tom and Misha are two male bottlenose dolphins who had been living in a very small and dirty hotel pool in Turkey. They had been captured from the wild about 6-7 years ago and neglected since then. The Born Free … Continue reading

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Dolphin Sounds – How Do They Learn to Whistle?

Every dolphin learns to whistle shortly after they are born. These whistles are thought to be used as a sort of greeting or way for dolphins to introduce themselves to and communicate with others in a pod. They are also … Continue reading

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What Do Dolphins Eat? Fish They Catch With Mud!

Wow! I have never seen this before. I know dolphins are incredibly smart and have come up with all types of innovative ways to catch fish. They will strand feed (herd fish into shore and feed on the trapped fish … Continue reading

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Dolphins Behaving Badly – Caught on Tape

Do dolphins bite or attack humans? They can and do bite but I think attack might be too strong a word for their behavior toward people. Here are some videos of dolphins behaving in a way that reminds us they … Continue reading

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10 Remarkable Bottlenose Dolphins Facts You Didn’t Know

Think you know everything about bottlenose dolphins? Here are some fun and interesting facts that might surprise you. 1. Bottlenose dolphins would do well in kindergarten.They are good at waiting, being patient, and taking turns. Oftentimes they will work together … Continue reading

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